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Best Automotive Mobile Robotic Products for Industries, India

Industrial automated mobile robots and automated guided vehicles utilized for outdoor logistics.


Our GT and GTX Series of AMR robots are designed for efficiency and versatility, with payload capacities ranging from 100 kg to 1500 kg, addressing tough material handling challenges.

Material handling equipment such as pallet trucks to use in warehouses and intralogistics industry.

GT - XP 1000

Our Pallet Truck AMR is a powerful and efficient solution for handling pallet loads of up to 1000 KG, seamlessly integrating into your existing factory layout.

We use Pallet lifting trucks for material movement handling in warehouses and indoor logistics.

GT - XT 1000

Our Outdoor Tow Truck AMR offers versatile configurations for seamless trolley load movement, ensuring reliable performance in indoor and outdoor industrial environments.

Green and black autonomous mobile robots perform pallet tracking and material transportation.


Explore our AMR platform range, perfect for R&D, learning, and retrofitting projects, offering versatility and flexibility for autonomous mobile robotics solutions.

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Best Industrial Robots For Manufacturing Industries in India

Goat Robotics is at the forefront of innovation, driving the evolution of autonomous robotics and automation solutions. We combine robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning expertise to redefine automation across industries. We deliver intelligent, adaptive solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in a technological transformation era.

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Our AMRs boost efficiency across industries, adapting to changing workplaces.

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Advanced robots navigate workplaces, optimizing daily operations.

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Goat Robotics Process Of Designing AMR For Industries

Automated Robotic Systems In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Research and Development

We explore advanced technologies and innovative concepts and develop new robotic solutions that are tailored to industry needs.

Warehouse Engineering, Design And Planning Solutions in India

Design and Engineering

After conceptualizing robots, we create a detailed plan, blueprints, and specifications to ensure their performance and safety standards.

Automatic Testing of Robotics Application in India

Production and Assembly

The manufacturing process involves precision manufacturing, quality control checks, and the assembly of components to create the final robotic products.

Automation of Production with Industrial Robots in Coimbatore

Testing and Quality Assurance

Robots undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance before market release to ensure performance standards, reliability, and effective task execution.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the AMR Manufacturing Industry

Automotive robotics boasts precision in assembly, advanced vision systems for quality control, flexibility for diverse tasks, and safety protocols for human-robot collaboration.

Pallet track robots are used in various industries, including manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centres, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, retail, e-commerce, textiles, and electronics. Pallet lifting helps Roberts optimize material handling, streamline inventory management, and improve order fulfilment while also enhancing the efficiency of assembly lines and assembly processes.

Automation in logistics warehouses improves efficiency by streamlining order fulfilment, optimizing inventory management, and reducing operational costs. Robotics are crucial for tasks like material handling, sorting, and palletizing.

AMRs improve material movement by autonomously navigating through facilities, enabling efficient transport of goods without the need for fixed pathways or human guidance.

AMRs can perform additional tasks like picking, packing, and collaborative tasks with human workers, expanding their capabilities beyond material transportation.