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Top Supplier of Automated Mobile Robots in India

A robot offering intra-logistics solutions for industries to handle things easily and efficiently.

GT - 100, 250, 400

The worldwide manufacturing sector is using more digital tools, especially in how things are moved around within companies.

A GTX 1500 robot provides intra-logistics solutions for handling things and reduces manual process.

GTX - 500, 1000, 1500

As a top-notch AMR supplier, Goat Robotics stands as the best intelligent intra-logistics solution provider in and around Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

An automated pallet truck helps in quick material handling and movement to lift heavy loads.

GT - XP 1000

Our Pallet Truck AMR is a powerful and efficient solution for handling pallet loads of up to 1000 KG, seamlessly integrating into your existing factory layout.

The GTT 1000 outdoor tow truck helps in handling trolley loads for various industrial operations.

GT - XT 1000

Our Outdoor Tow Truck AMR offers versatile configurations for seamless trolley load movement, ensuring reliable performance in indoor and outdoor industrial environments.

A compact autonomous mobile robot to use on various platforms for education and innovation solutions

GT - DB, OB, E2B, EB, SQ

Explore our AMR platform range, perfect for R&D, learning, and retrofitting projects, offering versatility and flexibility for autonomous mobile robotics solutions.


Questions And Answers About Our Products

Goat Robotics' Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) can significantly enhance logistics processes in distribution centers by automating order picking, packing, and sorting operations. Our AMR ensures a smoother and more efficient distribution process.

AMRs, including the GTX series, offer versatile payload capacities tailored to different industrial needs. The GTX 500 handles up to 500kg, the GTX 1000 manages 1.0 tons, and the GTX 1500 excels with an impressive 1.5-ton payload capacity, providing a comprehensive range for efficient material handling solutions. These varying capacities enable businesses to optimize operations by selecting the most suitable AMR for their specific requirements.

The GTXP 1000, as an AMR, features Wi-Fi-enabled connections, ensuring seamless communication and enhancing control during pallet tracking operations for various industries.

Yes, Goat Robotics emphasizes scalability and flexibility, offering customization options to meet specific industrial needs. It ensures that the AMR aligns with unique operational requirements. Contact us for more details on Automated Mobile Roberts for outdoor logistics.

GT-SQ Square Base is a versatile solution for commercial spaces like hotels. It enhances operational efficiency and guest experiences by efficiently handling tasks like luggage transport and maintenance.