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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) For Manufacturing Industry in India


Goat Robotics stands out as a prominent manufacturer of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) serving industries, particularly in the retail sector, within Coimbatore.


Goat Robotics, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is a company that enhances warehouse operations by utilizing automated machines for efficient movement.


Our goal is to push the boundaries of what is achievable, delivering intelligent, adaptive solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a technologically transformative era.

Third Party Logistics

Goat Robotics leads the charge in transforming material handling for the industry. Our innovative automated systems streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity within e-commerce warehouses.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Our AMRs can be equipped with temperature-controlled features for the food industry, ensuring product integrity. Our innovative AMR solutions aim to transform supply chains in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Our AMR solutions enable seamless material movement between outdoor locations, ensuring uninterrupted operations despite weather conditions, extending beyond the four walls of our facilities.


Questions And Answers About AMR & AGV

We understand the unique challenges retailers face in their logistical operations and provide tailored solutions. With our technology, support, and commitment, we drive efficiency and productivity throughout the retail supply chain.

Automated logistics solutions enhance safety in warehouse environments by providing advanced safety features like collision avoidance systems. It also ensures a secure working environment for warehouse staff, preventing accidents, and enhancing overall safety.

Goat Robotics' automated systems can seamlessly integrate with existing warehouse infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption to operations and maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Goat Robotics, a company primarily focused on the automotive sector, is exploring the potential of its AMR systems for use in other industries and offers comprehensive staff training on operating and maintaining these systems.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation and installation to on-going maintenance and technical assistance.